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New Zealanders love bananas – we eat more of them than any other fruit. Turners & Growers have been supplying Kiwis with fresh, nutritious Bonita bananas for more than 50 years. Bonita bananas are the premium brand for quality and taste, and we’re proud to be the ones bringing them to New Zealanders.


The origins of Bonita bananas


Bonita bananas come from Ecuador, the biggest banana-exporting country in the world. Bonita farmers are extremely proud of the care they take in applying environmental and ethical farming practices. They use state-of-the-art irrigation systems and lead the way in pesticide management.


Ecuadorian producers are guaranteed a minimum price by the Ecuadorian government, based on the calculation of a ‘living wage’. This price is established by a consortium of interests including government, producers, NGOs, growers and shippers, and is reviewed quarterly.


Bonita bananas are shipped to New Zealand weekly from Ecuador. They are shipped green, and ripened to sweetness in custom-built humidity- and temperature-controlled facilities in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. From there they’re distributed to stores and the Kiwis who will enjoy them.


Our very own ‘Banana Man’


Patrick Corson is a man who knows his bananas. In his 17 years working in T&G’s produce department, he’s been continuously involved in banana operations, distribution or sales.


In 1999 he spent time in Ecuador, working in banana farms throughout the growing regions of Guayas, Los Rios and El Oro, where much of the Bonita fruit is grown. He has long known and closely worked with the Noboa family, who own the Bonita brand.


Patrick takes the quality and the origins of our bananas seriously. “Bonita bananas are a great product and New Zealanders are right to love and trust them.


“During my years in the business I’ve seen a significant shift in the way the banana industry operates. In response to consumer demand, the entire industry is now more focused on questions of environmental management and worker conditions – and that’s a great thing.”


Getting the best bananas


As with all our partners, Turners & Growers demands complete transparency from our banana suppliers about the origins of our fruit. We know that New Zealand consumers care deeply about where their produce comes from, how it’s grown and how it’s handled right down the supply chain.


When sourcing our produce, we make sure we look at the whole picture. As well ensuring the producers get a fair price for their fruit, we look at worker conditions, whether the farming practices are sustainable in an economic and an environmental sense, and of course, the quality of the produce.


So as a consumer, when you buy Bonita, you know you’re getting the best bananas there are.



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